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The little story about our school

Jacinthe Emard’s accomplished career began at the age of 5. Eventually, with a lot of hard work and great determination and with the help of her amazing coaches, Danielle Roy and Michel Charron that Jacinthe climbed the ladder and earned herself a spot on the Canadian gymnastics team for a few years. During the Atlanta Olympic Games tryouts, Jacinthe placed 7th overall, just 4 places shy of reaching her dream to compete in the Olympics.

After many years of hard work, this talented young lady decided she would retire from the world of gymnastics and embark on a new adventure, which lead her to join one of the greatest circus’ in the world, the Cirque du Soleil, where she was able to put her gymnastics talents to good use!

Jacinthe fell in love with the world of circus, and this became her new passion. She attended the National Circus School of Montréal where she was trained in the circus arts. It was at that moment, that Jacinthe began dreaming of opening her very own gymnastics and circus school and, in 2006, with the encouragement of her husband Stéphane, her dream became a reality when she opened up her very own school « L’École de Cirque et de Gymnastique! »

She now has the great pleasure of sharing her love and passion for gymnastics and the circus arts with others, helping children explore and discover the beauty of each, and, every once in awhile, when you watch her students perform their routines, you will catch a glimpse of her from the past, as you see them execute some of the very same moves she once performed!

Her school is one of the few privately owned clubs currently operating in Canada.

Our mission

Introduce young people from our beautiful region of the MRC Roussillon to the splendor and beauty of circus arts.

  • Give children the desire to move
  • Provide gymnastic training and associated disciplines
  • Promote sportsmanship
  • Support each of our gymnasts to progress as efficiently as possible
  • Qualify gymnasts on the national gymnastics team
  • Support athletes towards selection at the National Circus School.


Each year the Club organizes a gala of excellence to reward its athletes at all levels. Whether it is for the different performances, the efforts, the perseverance, we recognize the evolution and the efforts. This is an appointment not to be missed!