For several years, we have been welcoming elementary and secondary schools, as well as day camps and daycare centres.

The day generally runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and groups are looked after by our staff (except for dinner).

We have a room for adults with sofas, armchairs, Wi-Fi, DVD and cable television. You can therefore take the opportunity to do some planning, hold a meeting or simply give yourself a moment of respite, while the children take advantage of our 20,000 sq. ft. of facilities to discover several circus and gymnastic activities!

Activities :

    • Circus Arts Activities :
        • Balance on equipment (beam, wire, ball, rola-bola, physitubes, etc.)

        • Juggling (balls, scarves, skittles, rings, diabolos, flower stick and Chinese plates)

        • Acrobatics (on the ground, on mini and large trampolines, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, etc.)

        • Aerial (fixed trapeze, fabric, hoop, smooth rope, etc.)

        • Human pyramids

        • Agility course

    • Gymnastic activities:
        • Acrobatics

        • Bars

        • Beams

        • Vault table

        • Course

        • Trampoline

Typical schedule (schedules are flexible)

10 h à 14 h

Dinner (30 minutes)

Bring a cold meal


  • Sportswear mandatory (no zippers allowed)
  • Tied up long hair
  • No jewelry

Contact us to book at 450 699-6779!